My name is Ian Walter and I'm the CEO & Full Stack Web Developer at Optick.
I love creating an environment where others can create something awesome. I readily accept the challenge of being a manager, mentor, and recruiter. I believe in an iterative development process that's grounded in data and backed by automated testing.
I've spent the majority of my career focused on creating intuitive user interfaces. Millions of people have visited sites or interacted with applications that I've developed. I'm perfectly happy in the frontend writing JavaScript (hooray ES6!) and I'm familiar with all of the major JavaScript frameworks. This site is built using a CSS library I've been working on called Spectrum.
Creating software is a multidisciplinary process and I pride myself on being able to develop software from the ground up. I have experience creating continuous integration/deployment processes, architecting scalable server infrastructures, modeling the data layer, optimizing for query and web performance, and creating RESTful APIs.
© 2016 Ian Walter. All rights reserved.
© 2016 Ian Walter. All rights reserved.